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Justin Doyle Homes captured 'every lead possible.'

JDH wanted us to capitalize on their online traffic, luxury homebuyer interest, and LEED certification searches in the Cincinnati and Dayton markets... today they have at least 30 page one SERPs on Google.


Gardens RV organic results 'soared.'

We spent time with Tim Wilson onsite at his super cool, niche community for RV’ers (Gardens RV Village). Tim needed a marketing facelift! Most of all he needed national search results. Today Tim has over 20 keywords in position one, page one of Google.


McCall Homes sales 'took off' once their SEO kicked in.

Kelly Smith at McCall Homes reached out to us to build her company a new website in 2016. Once completed, we also immediately began an SEO campaign that is well into its second year. Now they have 12 position one keywords and another 14 on page one.

SEO Strategies For Homebuilders in 30 Seconds:

Homebuilder SEO Works!

SEO For Homebuilders means More Traffic, More Leads, and More Sales for your homebuilding company. Some marketing companies with slick websites and sales pitches will tell you they can work magic with hundreds of keywords. But, at Power Marketing we’ve done it… many, many times, for many homebuilders and we have an SEO blueprint for builders to prove it. We’ve survived way too many Google algorithm updates and our homebuilders are the winners because deliver keyword rankings.

Our SEO master team specializes in Search Engine Optimization for homebuilders specifically; we work every day to increase your home building website’s organic rankings. We can also build your website from scratch and as a result, build it to perform well in Google rankings. We have devised many successful SEO strategies for homebuilders.

The Power Marketing team will take our understanding of the homebuilding industry and match it to your company’s market and deliver you top Google rankings. And Fast!




Gardens RV Village enjoyed having the majority of their keywords on Google Page #1 search results, with 73% of those keywords in position one.

Ameri-Star Homes increased
their website sessions by 45% year over year.

Justin Doyle Homes increased their website sessions by 56% year over year.


"Our SEO is off the scale, our website is humming with potential current-day customers as well as future customers and our company presents a much more professional image throughout."

-Tim Wilson, President, Gardens RV Village

"Brian and his team go above and beyond to ensure every detail is thought out to ensure we are optimized for capturing every lead possible."

-Justin Doyle, President, Justin Doyle Homes

"Our search engine results took off when Power Marketing started the campaign. Getting more leads than we need right now!"

-Clarence Horst, President, Hagerstown Builders

A Few Of Our Satisfied SEO Homebuilder Clients

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